Logical Level Alignment


Robert B. Dilts

Creating an Aligned State

One of the most important aspects of effective and ecological communication and change is the congruence between the 'message' and the 'messenger.' On a personal level, a healthy and effective person is one whose own actions are aligned with his or her capabilities, beliefs, values and sense of identity or mission. A person's sense of role and identity is a dynamic process related to several different factors:

The concept of different 'levels' of change provides us with a powerful road map for bringing the various dimensions of ourselves into alignment in order to realize our goals and visions. Each of these different levels is embodied through successively deeper and broader organizations of 'neural circuitry.' As one moves from the simple perception of the environment, for instance, to the activation of behavior within that environment, more commitment of one's mind and body must be mobilized.

Capabilities call into play longer term plans and maps, and require the involvement of even deeper levels of the nervous system. Beliefs and values are represented and manifested through the mobilization of neurology that calls into play structures as deep as the autonomic nervous system (such as the heart and 'guts'). Identity involves the total commitment of our nervous systems. 'Spiritual' experiences involve the resonance between our own mind and nervous system with the larger systems of which we are a part.

To be effective in a particular system, an individual must understand the relationship between the various levels of change, and align his or her activities to fit those dynamics. That is, goals and actions on an individual level should support the functional objectives and strategy related to role, which in turn should be congruent with culture and identity, and mission with respect to the larger environment.

Level Alignment Process

The Neuro-Logical Level Alignment process provides a way to systematically access and connect experiences and neural processes associated with each of these different levels. By combining mental and physical processes with the different levels of change, a person can bring all these levels into alignment in the service of their vision and mission. The process uses what is called 'spatial anchoring' to activate and integrate these different levels of experience. Many people have found this to be a very powerful experience and a tool to put themselves into an effective 'aligned' state.

Level Alignment Worksheet

You can use the following worksheet to keep track of the answers you come up with while doing the Neuro-Logical Level Alignment exercise.

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