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Friends and Colleagues Enrolled at the 40 Year Celebration

40 Year Celebration with
Success Factor Modeling Certification
Presented by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier
With Special Guests: Frank Pucelik, Frank Bourke, Tim and Kris Hallbom, Michael Hall,
Suzi Smith, Gilles Roy, Talis Wong

August 16–24, 2015

An invitation from Robert and Judy to attend the Anniversary Celebration.

NLP University 2015 Summer Session

NLP Master Practitioner Certification
July 16–29: Residential Price $5,200
NLP Master Practitioner BRIDGE Certification
July 23–29: Residential Price $2,800
NLP Trainer and Consultancy Certification
July 16–31: Residential Price $5,850
Independent Studies / Professional Courtesy
Master Practitioner $4,275
Trainer and Consultancy $4,375
40-Year Anniversary Community Unity Celebration
Includes Success Factor Modeling Certification
August 16–24: Residential Price $3,100

All classes are open for enrollment. Contact Teresa Epstein at or (831) 336-3457 to reserve your place.

Portuguese Speaking Students

Deborah Epelman NLPU Affiliated Master Trainer Deborah Epelman will be organizing groups to attend the Trainer and Consultancy Certification and the NLP 40 Year Anniversary and SFM Certification. She will not offer translation services. Please contact Deborah for more information: Deborah Epelman #deborahepelman

Spanish Speaking Students

Susana Dominguez For Information in Spanish about any NLPU program please contact Susana Dominguez. Susana will provide assistance to Spanish speakers at the NLP 40 Year Anniversary and SFM Certification but will not offer translation services. Contact Susana to register with her group: Susana Dominguez

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Dilts Strategy Group: Success Factor Modeling™ Certification

August 16–24: Residential Price $3,100
Included in Community Unity Celebration Program

The focus of this 9-day workshop is on applying Success Factor Modeling™ to become an effective "entrepreneur." An entrepreneur, in this sense, means anyone who has an idea or project that he or she would like to see become a viable reality. The program emphasizes the importance of developing an "entrepreneurial spirit" and applying Success Factor Modeling™ to identify some of the key patterns of inspiring and successful entrepreneurs. A core goal of this program to help participants become more confident, innovative, proactive and generative. Participants will receive a copy of Robert's new book, Success Factor Modeling Volume I: Next Generation Entrepreneurship Live Your Dreams and Create a Better World through Your Business.

Topics to be covered:
  • Levels of Success Factors
  • A New Generation of Entrepreneurs
  • Building Your Circle of Success
  • Becoming a Success
  • Creating the Future
  • "Making the Pie Bigger"
  • Rebounding from Adversity
  • Doing the Impossible
  • Making Something out of Nothing
Skills you will learn:
  • Basic Steps of Success Factor Modeling™
  • The Seven Strategies of Sustainable Success
  • Establishing a Road Map for a Successful Project or Venture
  • Developing the Optimal Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Finding Your Passion and expressing it as a vision
  • Mapping the Path from Vision to Action
  • Practicing "Intervision" and Harnessing Collective Intelligence
  • Creating Collaboration Catalysts
  • Working with the SFM Circle of Success™
  • Making a "Second Position" Analysis of Stakeholders, Customers and Partners
  • "Imagineering" a Successful Path to Your Future

    Certification for trainers, coaches and consultants.
    Become a member of the "Generative Venture Community!"


Success Factor Modeling™ is not directly based on NLP distinctions.

Taiwan and Shanghai Participants

Joanna Hsu
Joanna Hsu, NLPU Master Trainer, will lead a group from Taiwan and Shanghai to attend the 40 Year Celebration.

Contact Joanna for further information:

Dilts/NLPU Limited Copyright Authorization for Qualified NLP Trainers

Dilts/NLPU offers limited copyright use of Robert's Practitioner and Master Practitioner class manuals. Success Factor Modeling™ Certification qualifies NLP Trainers for Dilts/NLPU Limited Copyright Authorization if the other requirements are met. Qualified NLP Trainers are current and familiar with Robert's materials and standards.

Fees: 2-year limited copyright use agreement $1,500 plus $2,500 for Practitioner and Master Practitioner audio recordings and digital class manuals.

Dilts/NLPU Practitioner and Master Practitioner Foundation Skills

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On-Line Self-Paced Courses

Learn virtually with Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier as your NLP trainers via this on-line, self-paced program. It is a fun, educational two-part series which includes 90 to 100 hours of video recordings and interactive learning games, along with selected written material and self-assessments.

To welcome and prepare this summer's participants, we are happy to extend a 50% discount for one or both on-line programs.
    NLPU 101 Practitioner Foundation Skills - $930 Try it for Free
    NLPU 201 Master Practitioner Foundation Skills - $950
NLPU 101 and 201 are on-line 'Certificate of Achievement Courses' and include an NLPU Certificate signed by Robert Dilts.

Register Now for NLPU101

Register Now for NLPU201

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
40-Year Anniversary Community Unity Celebration!

Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier and Special Guests
Welcome and Invite All NLP Community Members
to Celebrate NLP Success and Achievement,
International Presence and NLP Potential
As We Re-Imagine the World

Dilts Strategy Group, in partnership with NLP University and the NLP Community Unity Project will certify participants at the NLP 40 Year Celebration in Success Factor Modeling™.

Join the community at the University of California in Santa Cruz, California August 16-24 ⁓ Assembly 2 PM. The Celebration and Certification are Prerequisite-Free! Residential Price: $3,100. Affiliates are invited to bring a group and enjoy discounted fees.

How to Find the Celebration
    GPS Useful Address:
    Stevenson College Event Center
    UCSC, Stevenson College
    101 McLaughlin Dr.
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1013
Note: This is a 'fictitious' address, trust your GPS.
There are no addresses on campus.

  • To Attend the Celebration ENROLL ONLINE or DOWNLOAD FORM
  • Please enroll any time before June 16!
  • Sign up HERE to Receive Information and Updates
  • Get Additional information HERE

    Enrollment is OPEN. Reserve your option TODAY
    by contacting Celebration Organizer Teresa Epstein:
    Email Telephone (831) 336-3457

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    Success Factor Modeling Volume I
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    The Inner Game: Develop your "Inner Game" so that you can coordinate it with your "Outer Game" and find a place where your actions flow with a type of effortless excellence that is called, "playing in the zone."
    Holding Difficult Feelings: Learn an exercise which will help you discover and apply the resources you need to stay present and hold difficult feelings that may arise and take you out of the present.
    The Inner Game
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    This DVD contains a complete 2-day seminar presented by Robert B Dilts in front of a live audience. He describes the skills and practices that will help us to confront the challenges of crisis and change while remaining centered and in our "inner zone of excellence" and connected with something beyond our egos.

    Leading the Way DVD
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