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We guarantee that if for any reason you need to change your plans, we will fully refund your money minus a $250 cancellation fee.

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Practitioner Residential Program: $3,600 US dollars. (Includes learning materials, tuition, private accommodations, meals.)
    Male Female
    Single Double (minus $15 per night)
    If Double with whom will you share a bedroom?

Trainer Residential Program: $3,700 US dollars. (Includes learning materials, tuition, private accommodations, meals.)
    Male Female
    Single Double (minus $15 per night)
    If Double with whom will you share a bedroom?

Deposit to be applied toward total fees: $2,500 US dollars for Practitioner or $2,700 for Trainer. (Holds your place in the course.)
Grand Total for all Fees $
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Bank Check - NLPU prefers that you send a check in US dollars. At your bank you can ask for a check to be made out to NLP University and then send it to:
    NLP University, P.O. Box 1112, Ben Lomond, California 95005. USA

Bank Transfer - If you would like to make a bank transfer, please transfer in US dollars to the NLP University Checking Account:
    Bank of America, 555 California St., San Francisco, California 94104, USA
    Telephone: (800) 432-1000
This is all you need:
    Swift Code: BofAUS3N
    NLP University Checking Account: 325073177409
    Wire transfer routing # 026009593

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    NOTE: For added security, you may send the credit card numbers in 2-3 separate emails.

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Some Cash US Dollars can be paid at Registration.


A Payment Plan, guaranteed with a Visa or Mastercard, can be arranged.

If you decide to cancel for any reason, all the money you have paid is 100% refundable, minus a $250.00 cancellation fee.

Please make checks payable to NLP University and submit your completed enrollment form to reserve your place.


Please read carefully, answer and confirm accuracy.

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If you are currently under the care of a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist, please provide us with the appropriate contact information below, including telephone numbers:
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2. Name: Telephone:

The University of California, where NLPU is held, does not allow inappropriate use of drugs or alcohol on campus. Please indicate if you have had a dependency problem: Yes No

Emergency Contact Information: All participants, please provide the names and telephone numbers at work and home for two people that we can be in contact with in case of an emergency:
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The participant clearly understands: the education being provided is solely for avocational / recreational purposes and is not intended to provide training for employment. Such education is being pursued for personal entertainment, recreation, individual edification or as a hobby.

Participants at NLP University are expected to behave respectfully and ethically toward fellow participants, NLP University and University of California staff. Participants who disrupt the educational flow of NLPU with inappropriate behavior will not be assessed for certification and may be asked to leave the campus.

No independent audio or video recording is allowed. Audio recordings will be available for all classes at different prices.

NLP University's right to deny entry into a program is reserved.

The University campus is a special learning environment. We feel privileged to offer these NLP programs at the UCSC campus, where NLP was founded. NLPU tries to maintain an environment conducive to learning and would appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines.

Please feel free to check with NLP University if you have questions. Thank you.

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