The NLP Pattern of the Month:

Steps of the Failure Into Feedback Strategy

  1. Identify the problem attitude or belief
    1. Observe the physiology and eye position associated with the belief.
    2. Find out what is happening internally in each of the representational systems (VAK) during the belief.

    Sorting the Synesthesia Into the Appropriate Eye Positions

  2. Separate the VAK "synesthesia" by putting each sensory representation into the "appropriate" NLP eye position.

  3. Look up and right (to visual constructed) and clarify your image of the desired capability. Check the communication (positive intent) of the feeling (by itself) and the words (by themselves) in relationship to the desired goal as opposed to the past memories.

  4. Look at the pictures of the memories associated with the belief and build a more realistic perspective of the total situation by putting positive memories intermixed with the memories associated with the problem, so that they fit on your time line in the appropriate time sequence.
    1. See how the formerly negative memories can actually provide positive feedback that can lead you directly to the desired goal.
    2. You may even want to modify or add to the desired goal based on what you learned from looking at the memories.
    3. Make sure you can see steps that can connect the memories and the positive goal.

  5. Identify a positive, resourceful reference experience; i.e., a set of perceptions related to something you believe you can achieve in the future. Establish an anchor for the experience.

  6. Make the structure of the desired state molecule the same as the positive reference experience. Fire the anchor for the positive reference experience while looking at the desired goal to help this process.

Creating the New Synesthesia"Molecule"

The Failure Into Feedback process is described in detail in the book Changing Belief Systems with NLP by Robert Dilts; Meta Publications, Capitola, CA, 1990

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