The NLP Pattern of the Month:

Exercise: Shifting and Attractor 'Landscape'

The following exercise will help you to practice shifting your own "attractor landscape" by exploring and altering the "attractor basin" associated with two different internal states.

  1. Identify a resource or resource state that you would like to transfer to other contexts.

  2. Identify a situation or context in which you would like to be more resourceful or flexible.

  3. Establish a meta position and sort the two experiences identified above into separate spatial locations.

    Existing 'Landscape'

    Existing 'Landscape' of Internal States

  4. Associate into each of the two experiences and explore the current 'landscape' by changing various parameters one at a time, and noticing what happens.
    i.e.,Representational Systems

  5. Associate into the resource experience and 'deepen' the 'attractor basin' by finding which parameters intensify the experience.

    Deepening the Resource 'Basin'

    Deepening the Resource 'Basin'

  6. Access the presupposition fully, then step into the context space, adding the presupposition.

  7. 'Widen' the 'attractor basin' of the resource by:
    1. stepping into the location for the situation or context to be improved.
    2. 'destabilize' the landscape by shifting the relevant cognitive or physiological patterns.
    3. transferring the 'attractors' associated with the resource experience.
Widening the Resource 'Basin'

Widening the Resource 'Basin' to Alter the 'Landscape

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