The NLP Pattern of the Month:
Walt Disney - Planning Strategy (Storyboarding)

by Robert Dilts.

  1. From Meta Position select three physical locations and label them (1) 'Dreamer', (2) 'Realist' and (3) 'Critic'.
  2. Anchor the appropriate strategy to each physical location:
    1. Think of a time you were able to creatively dream up or fantasize new ideas without any inhibitions; step into location (1) and relive that experience.
    2. Identify a time you were able to think very realistically and devise a specific plan to put an idea effectively into action; step into position (2) and relive that experience.
    3. Think of a time you were able to constructively criticize an plan - that is, to offer positive and constructive criticism as well as to find problems.Make sure the location is far enough away from the others that it doesn’t interfere. Step into location (3) and relive that experience.

  3. Pick an outcome you want to achieve and step into the dreamer location. Visualize yourself accomplishing this goal as if you were a character in a movie. Allow yourself to think about it in a free and uninhibited manner.

  4. Step into the realist location, associate into the "dream" and feel yourself in the positions of all of the relevant characters. Then, see the process as if it were a 'storyboard' (a sequence of images).

  5. Step into the critic position and find out if anything is missing or needed. Then, turn the criticisms into questions for the dreamer.

  6. Step back into the dreamer position to creatively come up with solutions, alternatives and additions to address the questions posed by the critic.

  7. After you have repeated this cycle several times, consciously think of something else that you really enjoy and are good at but continue to walk through the dreamer, realist and critic locations.

  8. Continue to cycle through steps 4, 5 and 6 until and your plan congruently fits each position.

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