NLPU 101 Practitioner Foundation Skills

Course Overview

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Welcome to the Distance Learning Program for Practitioner Certification.

The material presented here will prepare you for participation in on-site assessment and certification. This course will cover the essential "building blocks" of NLP.
It includes the fundamental mental, linguistic and physical principles and patterns that make up the core of the technology and philosophy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The skills required to do NLP effectively and ecologically serve as a support for many different kinds of tasks, situations and contexts.

The objective of the NLP Practitioner Certification Course is to provide learners with the key goals, evidence procedures and behavioral operations necessary to:
  • Recognize and Utilize Sensory Representational Systems and Submodalities.

  • Identify Sensory Based Predicates.

  • Detect Physiological Accessing Cues.

  • Calibrate Key Mental and Emotional States.

  • Establish and Maintain Rapport.

  • Uncover Deeper Structures of Language through Meta Model Patterns and Questions.

  • Establish Well-Formed Outcomes.

  • Develop Anchoring Skills.

  • Manage Personal States.

  • Elicit and Utilize Strategies of Excellence - R.O.L.E. Model and B.A.G.E.L. Model.

  • Reframe Problematic Behaviors by Finding Positive Intentions.

  • Practitioner Level Models
    • T.O.T.E. Model
    • R.O.L.E. Model
    • B.A.G.E.L. Model

    Practitioner Level Tools
    • Contrastive Analysis
    • Anchoring
    • Reframing

    Practitioner Level Outcomes
    • Unconscious Competence
    • Ecology
    • Awareness
    • Discovery
    • Understand NLP Presuppositions