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Vision of the Community

The vision of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community is that of a worldwide network of competent trainers and consultants who share the mission of bringing the presuppositions and practices of NLP to social systems, organizations, groups and individuals.

This vision involves a community of people possessing common skills, beliefs and values, and the desire and ability to help others achieve significant goals.

The members of this community recognize that effective teaching and training, consulting and coaching require leadership - the skill to bring vision into action and support learning and change. They are dedicated to: a) carrying on the growth of the field of NLP, b) developing the applications of NLP and c) living according to the presuppositions of NLP. They understand that this can only be achieved by continuing their own learning and growth.

Mission of the Community

The mission of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community is to transform the way that people learn, interact and work together. This will be accomplished by applying the vast body of knowledge of NLP to empower others through learning, partnership and coaching.The members of this community will work with others to:

Strategy of the Community

The strategy of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community is to provide the necessary training and support to assist community members to develop both conscious and unconscious competency to help others effectively learn and change. This will be accomplished by establishing a unique training path covering key skills required for consulting and training, such as presenting, coaching, instructional design, information gathering, problem solving and assessment.

The training path is designed to enable members to internalize NLP processes and presuppositions, and explore how NLP can be used in conjunction with other training and consulting models and tools. This training path is a prerequisite for all GTC members.

Structure of the Community

The structure of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community is designed to offer support and networking opportunities, and establish an international referral network.

We envision a community that is itself a learning organization, similar in structure to the nervous system. Different parts handle and transmit information in coordination with one another. Head, hands and heart are used in alignment to promote growth and service. The purpose of this structure is to promote and encourage self-organizing intelligence.

Privacy Policy

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