NLP Master Trainer, Facilitator,
Transformational Entrepreneur Certification


Prerequisite: NLP Trainer & Consultancy Certification
NLPU 400 or Equivalent

Master Trainer Class 2016
Judith DeLozier with NLPU Master Trainers from Taiwan & China
© 2016 Deb Roundy

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What's Next?

This is a question that we have been asked many times over our past 35 years of developing and training in NLP. The NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer certification programs organically evolved as answers to this question. Today, people who have committed a significant amount of their lives and careers to the presuppositions, skills and practice of NLP continue to ask: What's next? Where do we go after Trainer Training?

A new question that we also hear from beginning and advanced NLP practitioners is, "Where are we going as a community?" This question emerges from a growing awareness of our interconnectedness and our evolving and uncertain world.

In keeping with NLPU's role and mission to provide the fullest breadth of knowledge available in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we have created this next generation program integrating the latest NLP developments.

Balancing and Alignment

At the foundation of this program are Third Generation NLP practices and principles that integrate somatic and field intelligence with cognitive knowing. A core purpose is to support the balancing and aligning of ego and soul - ambition and mission. Charisma, passion and presence emerge naturally when these two forces (ego and soul) are in harmony with one another. Optimum performance takes place when ego is in service to soul.

Roles and Skills of a Committed NLP Master Trainer

In this leading edge seminar, participants will use the latest developments and applications emerging from Third Generation NLP to integrate a number of roles required to create a world to which people want to belong:


  • Aligning vision, mission and ambition
  • Integrating ego and soul
  • Tapping collective intelligence through Intervision
  • Developing greater charisma and authenticity
  • Applying somatic and field intelligence as well as cognitive knowing

  • Coach/Facilitator

  • COACHing versus CRASHing
  • Creating a transformative COACHing container
  • Deepening the skills necessary for an effective mentor, sponsor, awakener
  • Increasing capacity for spontaneity and "Learning IV"
  • Mastering the "inner game" centering in the "inner zone of excellence"

  • Developer

  • Advanced Modeling and Success Factor Modeling
  • Innovation and Generative Collaboration
  • Strategies of Genius
  • Advanced Assessment skills

  • Master Trainer

  • Walking the Talk - Having NLP fully "in the muscle"
  • Artistry of Change - Moving from technique to artistry
  • Harnessing the power of Group Spirit and Field Mind
  • Strengthening presence through practices and disciplines

  • Transformational Entrepreneur

  • Creating a Circle of Success
  • Utilizing a Collaboration Spiral
  • Resource Mining
  • Promoting sustainable development

  • Participants will select and work on projects that leverage their skills, abilities and deepest potential to:
  • Build a successful and sustainable business and career
  • Contribute to society and the environment
  • Evolve personally and spiritually (at many levels)
  • Support the emotional and physical well-being of oneself and others
  • Share visions, resources with community of peers, igniting possibilities

  • Central to this program is the theme of evolving and leveraging one's deep self and identity in the context of developing and carrying a project through to a successful conclusion.

    This course brings together many of the newest developments and applications of Next Generation NLP at the highest neurological levels. Its purpose is to help participants more fully express their special gifts and bring their unique contributions into the world.

    Participants who successfully complete the NLPU 700 program will be listed on the NLP University website in a special section of the NLP Global Training and Consulting Community (GTCC) page.

    Advance On-Line Learning Materials

    As part of your enrollment in the Master Trainer Certification Course you are invited to take advantage of Robert Dilts' Breadth of Knowledge NLP Tutorials, which will help prepare you to take maximum advantage of your upcoming educational experience. The NLPU 700 Master Trainer, Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur Video Master Classes will be Accessible to fully enrolled participants starting in late July.

    Copyright Authorization and NLPU Affiliation

    NLPU 700 Master Trainer Certification is a requirement for:

    1. DILTS/NLPU Limited Copyright Authorization for Practitioner and Master Practitioner class manuals.

    2. DILTS/NLPU Affiliate Project Candidacy For Practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications.

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