NLP Trainer and Consultancy Certification

NLPU 400

Prerequisite: Master Practitioner Certification
NLPU 200 or Equivalent

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Robert Dilts' Trainer and Consultancy Certification offers one of the most unique and valuable experiences available for advanced practitioners of NLP.

The program explores the multiple levels involved in training - the what, how, why and who. A  core element of the training is to create a context in which participants can discover, explore and communicate their missions and visions related to training.

This NLPU Trainer's Training is an experiential program that addresses both fundamental and advanced skills and strategies for effective training and presentations. The skills covered are relevant for all types of trainings and presentations.

The purpose of the course is to provide participants with
    1) a cognitive structure and rationale for how to design effective courses and develop the appropriate support material and communications strategy to support that course and

    2) skills and strategies for managing the interactive and relational aspects of the learning context.

The training is designed to build the fundamental skills that support successful interaction between instructor and learner, including:
  • Meta Leadership Skills - Connecting Vision and Mission to a Project, Motivating, Inspiring and Aligning a Group Toward a Goal/Vision
  • "Intervisory Skills" - Co-coaching, Peer and Self Assessment, "Guardian Angel" Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Relational Skills - Creating Rapport with Groups
  • Anchoring in Groups
  • Presentation Skills - Setting Frames, Using Universals, Chaining Responses, Future Pacing
  • Self Management - Building Personal Resource States, Meta Mapping
  • Group Management - Pacing a Group, Dealing with "Hecklers"
  • Exercise Design and Construction
  • Conducting Demonstrations and Assigning Exercises
  • Basic Assessment Strategies
A  key element of the course relates to the design of effective assessment instruments and activities and the skills and strategies necessary for managing the assessment process. These skills, strategies and abilities include:
  • Defining clear goals and objectives for the assessment process
  • Determining the relevant skills to be assessed in relation to learning tasks
  • Designing effective assessment materials and activities
  • Accounting for and manage different learning styles at assessment
  • Dealing with beliefs, expectations and resistances relating to assessment
Robert is the principal trainer for this program.

The successful completion of this course qualifies NLP trainers to participate in the assessment. Upon passing the assessment, certified trainers will be listed on in the NLP Global Trainer and Consultancy Community network.
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