Judith Delozier, Suzi Smith, Robbie Steinhouse
Tim and Kris Hallbom and Judith Lowe will join
Robert Dilts in Santa Cruz This Summer

Redwood Grove 2019
Santa Cruz Redwood Forest


Master Practitioner Certification August 4–17
Master Practitioner Bridge Program August 9–17
Both programs are open with plenty of space available in a beautiful meeting room on the Rachel Carson Plaza, UCSC. Both programs are worthwhile opportunities for mastery and/or review of the most valuable NLP Master Practitioner strategies, techniques and paradigms.

Legendary Trainers for Master Practitioner
Most will be here for Master Practitioner Bridge too: Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzi Smith, Robbie Steinhouse, Tim and Kris Hallbom, Judith Lowe.

Master Trainer, Facilitator, Transformational Entrepreneur Certification
This program is at capacity, completely full for 2019. We have the maximum number of people we can accommodate and we must now regretfully decline to register anyone else. People who have been in contact with Teresa about registering this summer, are on our list for the next Master Trainer Certification, tentatively scheduled for August 2020.

For more information:


Judith DeLozier with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan

Robert Dilts, the 2018 Lifetime Achievement winner, and Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D., presented the award to Judy at the ANLP International Conference Awards Ceremony in London.

NLP Trainer Certifications in China and Malaysia

Ming-cheng Lai with 2019 Trainer Class from Moganshan, China
Annie Chong with 2019 Trainer Class from Selangor, Malaysia



  • NLPUI 700
  • Master Trainer, Facilitator, Transformational Entrepreneur Certification
  • August 4–15
      This program is now enrolled at full capacity.

  • NLPUI 200
  • Master Practitioner Certification
  • August 4-17
      Total Residential Price: $5,625
      Tuition Only: $3,900
      Deposit: $2,800
      Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner Certification*
      Applications and deposits are due now. Class size is limited!


  • NLPUI 250
  • Master Practitioner Bridge Certification
  • August 10–17
      Total Residential Price: $3,000
      Tuition Only: $1,950 Prerequisite: NLP Master Practitioner Certification*
      Update your NLP Skills to include the latest developments in Next Generation NLP.
      Applications and deposits are due now. Class size is limited!

  • NLPUI 550
  • Master Practitioner Independent Studies for NLP Trainers
  • August 4–17
      Total Residential Price: $4,225
      Tuition Only: $2,500
      Deposit: $2,500
      Prerequisite: NLP Master Practitioner Certification*
      Applications and deposits are due now. Class size is limited.
      Special Invitation for research and modeling Project Development:

      Observe Robert Dilts and the other NLPU International Trainers at Master Practitioner class while developing your project. Consult with peers, colleagues and NLPU International faculty as a member of the 2019 International learning community.
      Please apply by informing us about your project.
    NLPU Trainers: inquire and apply for a MP Resource Assistant position.

    The University of California at Santa Cruz Residential Package includes: Training tuition fee, class manual, assessment and certification, private accommodations, meals and more. Participants live on campus in 4 bedroom apartments with people of the same gender.

    Enrollment forms and deposits are due as soon as possible please. Tuition balances are due June 4. Class size is limited. Contact Teresa:

    NLPU International will be offering the Trainer and Consultancy Certification in August 2020.

    We are proud to announce that several DILTS/NLPU Affiliates will be presenting the DILTS/NLP University International © Trainer and Consultancy Certification (NLPUI 400) at various locations in 2019:

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    Photo of Robert B. Dilts

    On this website you will find many resources relating to my background in NLP and my mission to: "Create a world to which people want to belong." If you are curious about NLP read my essay, "What is NLP?" To find out more about my work in the field, check out my biography. A full list of my publications is also available.


    I offer seminars on a wide variety of topics relating to NLP and travel throughout the world sharing my knowledge on insights. To find out more, click on he following links:

    Robert's Seminar Schedule

    List of Seminar Topics

    List of Current Sponsors


    My Journey to Genius website is a convenient place to purchase tools which will help you to learn and apply effective strategies for enriching your life. Please visit the site to discover the variety of media available, including:

    Books and Monographs

    Audio CDs

    Videos on DVD


    I have also provided access to a series of downloadable Articles on a wide range of relevant topics, including:

    Personal Growth
    NLP Encyclopedia

    I am proud to announce that this important resource, which I co-authored with Judith DeLozier, is now available for on-line viewing. You may view up to 25 pages per day at no charge by visiting here.


    I have been a strong advocate for the application of NLP to health and healing. Among the projects I support are:

    The NLP World Health Community

    The Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health

    The NLP Research and Recognition Project

    The Patricia Dilts Fund for Breast Cancer Research


    As an NLP developer, trainer and practitioner, I believe that it is important for the credibility of the field of NLP that individuals and organizations honor the copyrights on printed materials as a way of demonstrating integrity and showing respect for other people's work. To facilitate this, I am providing the following on-line resources:

    Guidelines for Using Copyrighted Materials

    Request Form for Copyrighted Material

    Intellectual Property and NLP

    World Intellectual Property Organization

    Next Generation Entrepreneurship:
    Success Factor Modeling
    Volume I

    Live Your Dreams and Create a Better World through Your Business! This book is for people who are willing to make a conscious decision to become more passionate, purposeful and creative, and to learn to become a "Next Generation Entrepreneur."

    SFM Vol. I

    Order a Copy Here

    Generative Collaboration:
    Success Factor Modeling Volume II

    Generative Collaboration is the second volume in Robert's Success Factor Modeling series. Generative Collaboration involves people working together to create or generate something new, surprising and beyond the capacities of any of the group members individually. Through Generative Collaboration, individuals are able to utilize their abilities to the fullest and discover and apply resources that they did not yet realize that they had. They draw new ideas and resources out of each other. Thus, the performance or output of the group as a whole is much greater than it would be if the individuals were working by themselves.

    Generative Collaboration

    Order a Copy Here

    Conscious Leadership and Resilience:
    Success Factor Modeling Volume III

    Conscious Leadership and Resilience is the third volume of the Success Factor Modeling™ series by internationally renowned author and consultant Robert Dilts. Success Factor Modeling™ is a methodology whose purpose is to identify key characteristics and capabilities shared by successful entrepreneurs, leaders, teams and ventures. It then applies these to define specific processes and skills that can be used by others to greatly increase their chances of increasing their impact and achieving success.


    Order a Copy Here

    The PERICEO Tool

    Fundamentals and disciplines necessary to foster the process of generative collaboration and to facilitate the emergence of Collective Intelligence on a team or in an organization.


    Order a Copy Here