NLPUI 800 International Muti-cultural Trainer Certification


The primary purpose of this program is to support NLP Trainers and Master Trainers to become a world-class “International Multi-Cultural Trainer.” The program can also be used as a fast-track to become an NLP University Authorized Copyright User or to run NLPU Affiliated certification trainings.

Becoming a truly international trainer is one of the highest aspirations of any trainer in the NLP community. Robert & Judy have set a standard as NLP trainers who teach all over the world, bringing the benefits of NLP to people of many different cultures. We want to support that possibility for our next generation Authorized Users and Affiliates. This is a program about how to prepare for this next level.

  • Launching an International Career
  • Dealing with Diversity
  • Working with / Adapting to Different Cultures
  • Co-Training / Facilitating
  • Conducting Virtual and Hybrid Trainings
  • Building an NLP Institute
  • Modeling and Innovation in NLP
  • 4th Generation NLP

NLPU 800 offers an opportunity to develop international, multi-cultural trainer skills in a context that is perhaps not available anywhere else in the world. NLPU is composed of a highly multi-cultural group of people passionate about NLP. By participating in this program, you will have the opportunity to:

    – Learn about creating and conducting a multi-cultural training program by modeling how Robert, Judy and the NLPU faculty have done it.

    – Present, and be observed and mentored by world-class NLPU faculty.

    – Have “behind the scenes” exposure to the NLPU training process.

    – Gain access to the comprehensive online NLP training dashboards for Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer, developed by Robert over the past four years.

    – Do in-depth modeling of the multi-cultural skills of Robert and other experienced NLPU faculty.

NLPU is in a transitional phase and we want NLPU to be sustainable for generations to come. As we are designing the future, we look forward to creative collaborations with our Authorized Users and Affiliates to come up with the best possible future for NLPU.

We are planning for this course to be hybrid (some people attending in person at UC Santa Cruz and others participating online) like our 2023 Master Trainer program.