NLP University Authorization Package and Affiliation Project Pathway

Dilts/NLPU Copyright Authorization Package for Practitioner Training Manual and/or Master Practitioner Training Manual

This program provides formal authorization for trainers to use the NLPU Practitioner and/or Master Practitioner class manuals and materials.

Prerequisites to qualify for Copyright Authorization:

1) Successful completion of NLPU 700 Master Trainer Certification Program.

2) To be authorized, participants must have covered the program(s) for which authorization is granted. This may be done in one of the following ways:.
  • Participation in on-site NLPU Practitioner or Master Practitioner Program
  • Resource person for NLPU Practitioner or Master Practitioner Program
  • Independent Studies for NLPU Practitioner or Master Practitioner Program
  • Distance Learning of NLPU Practitioner or Master Practitioner Program

  • 3) Signed Copyright Authorization Agreement

    Copyright Authorization includes and implies:

    Qualified recipients receive an official Certificate of Authorization to use copyrighted Practitioner and /or Master Practitioner class manuals for a limited amount of time, currently fixed at two years.

    Training Manuals used by authorized users using any portion of these copyright materials must include :
  • Certificate of Authorization issued by NLP University and signed by Robert Dilts.
  • Specific written acknowledgment that will be provided for use with the materials.
  • The phrase: Dilts/NLPU Copyright Authorization.

  • NLPU Copyrighted materials are only to be used for training purposes in NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Programs or other trainings incorporating this material.

    No part of this material is for resale.

    All foreign language translations made by authorized users belong to Dilts/NLPU. Before any use of these materials, translations must be sent electronically and by hard copy to NLPU.

    Advertising for programs using the NLPU Copyrighted materials must accurately reflect the use of the copyrighted material using the following sentence:
    "This training/program uses material developed and copyrighted by © Robert Dilts/NLP University."

    Copyright Authorization renewal is contingent on following the guidelines contained in the Copyright Authorization Package Agreement and guidelines.

    Copyright Authorization is one step on the Pathway to Affiliation.

    Other conditions may apply.

    Copyright Authorization Limited Use 2-Year Agreement: $1,500.

    For Additional Information Contact:

    Teresa Epstein, Coordinator
    NLP University
    P.O. Box 1112
    Ben Lomond, CA  95005
    Phone: (831) 336-3457

    NLPU Project Affiliation Pathway
    For Dilts/NLPU practitioner certification Projects and/or Master Certification Projects

    NLPU is pleased to announce the Dilts/NLPU Project Affiliation Pathway. This year, NLPU will be accepting applications for a limited number of Affiliate Projects. Candidates for Project Affiliation must fulfill the criteria specified below. Final selection is conditional upon approval by Robert Dilts and Teresa Epstein.

    Criteria for Candidates on Dilts/NLPU Project Affiliation Pathway

  • Be NLPU educated:
  •   - Physical attendance at NLPU 700 Master Trainer Certification and Alignment and Qualification Meeting.
      - Participation in NLPU 400 Trainer Certification, either as a full participant, as a Resource Person or as a Special Resource Assistant.
      - Be a Resource Person, a Special Resource Assistant or do independent study in the program in which you want to certify people. A Special Resource Assistant is someone who has not physically attended the program for which they are resourcing. Special Resource Assistants will be expected to learn the program from Dilts/NLPU Distance Learning (Audio CD's and class training manual) before arriving at NLPU.

  • Be an NLPU Copyright Authorization Program Participant.

  • Permission to co-certify with NLPU is granted on a project by project basis (i.e Practitioner Training or Master Practitioner Training). Co-certification includes an NLPU certificate signed by Robert Dilts.

  • There is a fee of $400 for each NLPU Certificate signed by Robert Dilts.

  • Attend some form of continuing education for a minimum of a three-day period every 2 years:
    Attend a program given by Robert Dilts or return to NLPU as a participant, as a Resource Person or for independent studies.

  • Sign an Affiliation Agreement. Respect the Affiliate Guidelines.

  • Affiliation is not exclusive to any particular individual within a given geographical region.

  • Show up, be available, supportive, a good representative of NLPU and its culture/community, relational, talking with rather than at, etc.
  • The complete NLPU course schedule is available here.

    Affiliates receive the following benefits:

  • Written endorsement for uyour project

  • Permission to make the entire Practitioner and Master Practitioner manual available to your participants, both English and translated versions

  • Photos and biographies of Robert Dilts

  • Use of the NLP logo (the NLP sign) in your advertising

  • Listing on the NLPU website for mutual advertisement on a project-by-project basis

  • Your training certificates will be signed by Robert Dilts for each participant successfully completing your program and assessment (see fee mentioned above)

  • Other conditions may apply.

  • The package price is $4,000 and includes:

  • $1,500 to sign the 2 year agreement to use the Dilts/NLPU Practitioner and Master Practitioner materials plus
  • $2,500 for the © Practitioner and Master Practitioner class manuals and audio recordings
  • Option: Participate as a Resource Person at Practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications, tuition: $2,500